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Dua Kumayl

Dua Kumayl, Lecture Series Nahj al-Balagha


Thursday June 23rd, 2022
7:15 pm to 10:00 pm (Eastern Time)


☸️ Program In-Person

MIT SidneyPacific, Multipurpose room, 70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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7:15-7:20     Quran Recitation

7:20-8:00     Lecture Series, Nahj al-Balagha, in English, H.I. Doagoo (joining by zoom)

Topic: "Letter 31, Advice of Imam Ali (as) to His Son", Session 10

8:00-8:05     Question and Answer

8:05-8:40     Dua Kumayl

8:47-9:10     Prayer

9:10-9:15     Ziarat Warith

9:15-10:00   Dinner

- Full vaccination for eligible people is required


About Speaker:

Hujjat al-Islam Hasan Doagoo was born and grew up in Tehran (Iran). In 1998, he moved to Qum, where he studied Fiqh and Usūl at Hawzah Seminary, Islamic Philosophy at Imam Khomeini Institute, and Islamic Studies at International Institute for Islamic Studies. Entering Western academia in 2014, Brother Doagoo received a graduate certificate in Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian Relation from Hartford Seminary (U.S.) and is currently doing his Ph.D. in Religious Studies, Western Field, at McMaster University (Canada).

Please note:
  • The Dua Kumayl program is biweekly on Thursdays